[v6 General Discussion] Click Powerpoint slide before navigating

I have a number of Powerpoints in the schedule. When I select one and "Go Live", the first slide in the Powerpoint is displayed on the 2nd monitor, but in order to navigate to the next slide in the same Powerpoint, it is necessary to click on the first slide in the centre "Live" window first using the mouse. Then the keyboard shortcuts will work. If this slide is not selected, the arrow keys continue to navigate in the schedule. Am I right? Is this a change from EW2009? Is there a way to get around this? For one thing, it limits what I can do using a Logitech Presenter, since it seems necessary to use the mouse.

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EW6 doesn't change focus from schedule pane to Live pane when you Go Live (button or Page-Down). Yes, it's different than EW2009. Once focus is on Live pane the hotkeys work as expected.