[v6 General Discussion] Why Was The Decision To NOT Support Shortcuts Made?

I have been using EW2009 very successfully with shortcuts for five years. I have seen little difference in EW6 when using shortcuts except when dealing with PowerPoint files but using "real" files is only slightly better. It defeats the purpose of sharing on a network since it requires putting profile in non-standard location. It also requires schedules to contain full copies of media files; another poor decision. Windows behaves as though though shortcuts are the real thing when opening a file which is EW's main use of media.

I developed scripts to maintain the resource folders with media shortcuts, adding and removing shortcuts as needed; automating the EW2009 processes. I could confidently create schedules at home that worked at the church with no problems. In EW6 I don't have that reassuring feeling. With EW2009 there was 99% chance of success while EW6 it's 75-80%; things work sometimes which as you know is not good. I would prefer to pray that the presentation reaches the congregation's heart instead of their eyes.

I purchased the upgrade because it was an excellent deal and I had (still do) confidence the issues would be resolved. My implementation date has long past; in the interim our worship pastor is preparing for foreign mission work and new candidates are expressing interest in MS and PP. Perhaps if I more vocal during alpha and beta tests beyond "this won't fly if it didn't convert old data."

Can you ask the question another way? I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to do.
It seems that resource shortcuts are no longer acceptable (normal) in EW6 and when adding Resources the file is copied whereas EW2009 would create shortcuts for local files. I keep media in a curated folder structure and automatically create shortcuts in the Resources folders. They seem to work in EW6 but it seems to perform extra housekeeping when copied to another computer. This is especially true of PowerPoint presentation files; which I have detailed in another post.

I just want to have something stable and able to be cloned on multiple computers. Separating media allows flexibility in storage options.
OK, so I what to make sure I understand. In EW6 and 2009, you can have a shortcut in the resource area and it will honor it. However, in 2009 when you added a video files that came from a local source, it would give you the option to create a shortcut instead of copying the file. In EW6 it no longer gives you that option, but instead forces a copy. Is this the problem you are referring to?