[v6 General Discussion] EasyWorship 6 GUI and Workflow Suggestions

[*:x5uv2top]Does there need to be Collections and My Collections?[/*:m:x5uv2top]
[*:x5uv2top]The Go Live button seems out of place on top button bar; needs to be closer to item acted on, like a Preview pane.[/*:m:x5uv2top]
[*:x5uv2top]Lyrics labels need to be color coded.[/*:m:x5uv2top]
[*:x5uv2top]Items in Schedule and Slide Decks (Song/Scripture/Presentation) should be treated as objects which can be copied or cut or pasted.[/*:m:x5uv2top]
[*:x5uv2top]Add Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo buttons to Button bars.[/*:m:x5uv2top]
[*:x5uv2top]Editor should include save button to allow saving without closing.[/*:m:x5uv2top]
[*:x5uv2top]Search boxes should remember last setting.[/*:m:x5uv2top]
[*:x5uv2top]Window positions should be recalled, it's annoying to move a window only to have it return to original position.[/*:m:x5uv2top]
[*:x5uv2top]Standardize tab orders in all settings windows[/*:m:x5uv2top]
[*:x5uv2top]Page Down should behave normally except when in schedule, live and hopefully preview panes.[/*:m:x5uv2top]
[*:x5uv2top]Inspector window should have OK/Cancel/Apply buttons, the little red 'x' button is counter-intuitive. I think Apply should be 'To Theme' and OK to single slide.[/*:m:x5uv2top]
[*:x5uv2top]The schedule expansion dwell time needs to be lengthened, this will help drag and drop operations.[/*:m:x5uv2top]
[*:x5uv2top]The sliding thumbnail size might have been a good idea on paper but there are only a few useful sizes. Perhaps four options from Small to Extra Large (24, 12, 6, 3 thumbnails).[/*:m:x5uv2top]
[*:x5uv2top]The schedule editor and resource editor should behave the same, this was bothersome during earlier testing.[/*:m:x5uv2top]
[*:x5uv2top]Add size and position to Inspector to allow more accurate positioning of slide elements.[/*:m:x5uv2top]
[*:x5uv2top]Updating Schedule or Database with version of resource in other type container should come back.[/*:m:x5uv2top]
[*:x5uv2top]Media Control buttons should be larger.[/*:m:x5uv2top]
[*:x5uv2top]When Preview pane returns it should absorb features of lower right pane then that pane would go away and space given to Live pane.[/*:m:x5uv2top]
[*:x5uv2top]Alerts and Nursery messages need to be reinstated.[/*:m:x5uv2top]
[*:x5uv2top]Countdown clock should be implemented; even a basic one.[/*:m:x5uv2top][/list:o:x5uv2top]
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21. "Print details" needs to be re-instated, preferably .txt output added (for folk using braille readers),
22. Importing items to database by opening schedule from another computer (or another profile on the same computer),
23. Ability to change search modes without losing the text being searched for, (or better still, have the search mode automatically change if the text is not found)
24. Ability to automatically reload a PowerPoint if the original source file has been changed,