[v6 General Discussion] i am getting access violation errors

Good day, anytime i try to edit or add a song in the database of easy worship 6. i get access violation errors. which are ACCESS VIOLATION AT ADDRESS 00801DB8IN MODULE 'EASYWORSHIP.EXE READ OF ADDRESS 00000034 and also access violation at address 00A7DC0E in module ' easyworship.exe read of address 000000A4. i cant do anything because of this errors . i have the latest build 1.9 and a I am using a windows 8.1 operating system. Thank you very much. i will appreciate your prompt response

Go to the media tab.
Right click on a video or image and click copy to theme, song themes.
Then click on the themes tab, right click on the new theme you created and click on set as Song theme.
Then see if you can edit or create a song.
it did not work sir
I too have been getting these same access violation errors preventing use of the Song Editor. The problem started immediately after installing Build 1.9. It worked more or less ok before then. We are using Windows 8.1.
We have persevered to use EW6 live for the past five weeks, overcoming various problems, but this latest one is just too much and we are now returning to EW 2009 until it becomes both stable and "Easy" again !
Normally setting the default theme fixes this issue.
Click on the media tab.
Click on images.
Right click in an image.
Click on copy to theme, song theme.
Then click on the themes tab.
Right click on the new theme and click set as song theme.
Then edit or create a new song.
If you still get the error editing a new song, you should still be able to go to the inspector.
Then click on presentation and reset to global to fix that song.
Thank you Rodger. That seems to have fixed it.
Thank you Mr Roger that fixed it. God bless you