[v6 General Discussion] DVD problems

Hi, Thx for an fantastic program. We have just installed it on a new computer. But we can't get the program to do DVDs. We have installed DScaler as you recomand, but when we try to run an DVD we get this message:

Access violation at address 0067B190 in module 'Easy WorshipHelper.exe' Read of address 00000004

Can someone help us?

Please provide more information about your computer.
Version of Windows...
Did you install DScaler
Are you using any kind of USB Video device for connecting to projectors or other monitors?
What region is the DVD?
What is the name of the DVD you are trying to use?
One of our other techs has fixed this by updating the video card drivers.
If you have an NVIDIA graphics card this seems to be the solution.
You can go to www.nvidia.com to get the latest drivers if you are using a desktop computer.
If you have a laptop, contact your laptop manufacturer.
The computer we have is a brand new HP Pavilion 500-312no with 8 Gb ram,Intel Core quad i5 prosessor.

The graphics card is nvidia geforce gtx 745 with 4 gb ram. Latest driver is installed.
We have installed DScler We are not using any USB video devices. The region is for europe. I don't know the brand for the DVD.

I have reinstalled the song database and all our MP4 motion movies. I had a little problem playing these files. This is OK now.
But every time we try to use the DVD the program close for no reason. We don't get any crash report. I have tryed different discs, but with no sucess.

I hope you have an answer for me Rodger.

Per HÃ¥kon
Problem solved.
There was no audiocable plugged in to the computer. When that was done, problem solved.
Glad to hear it's working now! Thanks for getting in touch with us.