[v6 General Discussion] Fighting Auto Size Text

So my pastor has asked me to reformat the song we use for the Nicene Creed, to have more words on each slide. In EW6 I'm finding myself fighting the auto size text feature. For some reason while moving lines of text from slide to slide, the font size will change for the words on the slide. Sometimes it is all the words. Other times it is just the first line. The font becomes incredibly small, impossible to read.

I go to "Reset Size", but this does nothing.
I then go to "Do not auto size text", and this actually does something, but this isn't what I want.
So then I go back to "Resize text to fit element", and it is back to looking too small.
But now, I go to "Reset Size" again, and FINALLY it works.

Having to do this every time EW6 gets wonky with the font size is becoming... tedious.

Pros and Cons of EW6
1. Can search within title and lyrics of songs
2. Can more easily change the background of one song
3. Collections
4. Smart collections

1. Doesn't import EW2009 schedules
2. No way to change the background on all the songs in a schedule
3. No undo in song editor
4. No save button in song editor
5. Changes to songs in the database or not reflected in songs placed in schedule
6. Auto size text isn't working
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So I just discovered that this appears to be a cosmetic issue. If I save a song that has this small font issue, close it, and then reopen it, the font size is back to normal.

Still, having to close the song and reopen it every time this happens is tedious.

It appears to be going to this small font whenever I shift lines of text around using the control+return, and then have to press backspace.