[v6 General Discussion] Text over video for streaming

I'd like to begin using EW6 (instead of EW2009). The biggest thing I am looking to do it get the song lyrics to output to my video switcher for our streaming system so that I can overlay them during our worship. However, we still need to be able to run and videos or PPTs out in full screen.

Can this be done?


Yes this should work.
I recommend testing it in your environment first.
I think my question comes with the Alpha Channel. How does that work?

I have a BMD ATEM 1m/e Production studio 4k that I am feeding my cameras and EW into for streaming. I can overlay the EW onto my video, but I really dont want to always have to use a black background for the folks in the sanctuary so that it looks "ok" on my stream.

Is there a way around that?

My setup:
VGA out of my computer for the main desktop/interface
DVI to TripleHead2Go unit feeding Kramer video splitters for both Feedback and Projector displays
(the Projector display KRAMER is also feeding a startech VGA to HDMI box to the BMD unit).

You would have to use another computer if you wanted something different going to the audience.