[v6 General Discussion] How do I import an entire hymnal

My song library is a mess. Some songs are missing verses. Some songs have verses in the wrong order. You get the idea.

I want to reset my song library and import the entire United Methodist Hymnal and the Celebration Hymnal. It's easy to create a collection for each one to make searching easy.

How do I import all the songs for a hymnal? Can I buy a hymnal in EasyWorship like I can buy a translation of the Bible? I have found a web site where the entire hymnal resides. But I have to export the lyrics of each hymn, create the proper text, and then import the song one at a time. The United Methodist Hymnal contains over 900 items. And I want the Celebration Hymnal also. So this process would take many, many hours. How can I shorten this process?

I need a song library for both hymnals that I know is correct. The goal is drag and drop a song into the schedule, delete the verses I'm not singing in that service, drag and drop an image or theme on that song, and go. I have to have confidence that all the words are correct without having to check it every time.

I understand that I cannot import multiple songs from a single text file in EW6. This is an impediment that needs to be fixed in the future.

Does anyone have .txt or .rtf files of all the songs in the UMH and Celebration that you'd be willing to share? That would at least solve half the problem.

I'm sorry at this time we do not offer hymnals for EasyWorship.
Right now the only option is to import the songs by creating a new song and importing a text file or copying and pasting.
Do you have EW2009? It might be easier to import from .txt to EW2009 and convert from there, alternatively, if someone has these hymns in EW2009 they might send you one or more schedules with these hymns and you could import (to EW2009) from them then convert.
Thanks for the reply. It will take 100s of hours to build my song library from scratch one song at a time. I suggest that this as a requirement for a future release. I'd suggest a new revenue stream for you all buy selling hymnals for EW just like you sell scripture translations.
I totally agree with you. We are more than happy to provide hymnals for our customers.

We've actually looked into the hymnal market and have found it very difficult to track down digital hymnals and when we can find them, we cannot find anyone able to give us the rights to distribute. Or when we get the rights and get it converted (hundreds of hours of work for multiple people), we cannot distribute due to the price the copyright holder requires for distribution.

Once we figure out how to clear these hurdles we'll be all over it. Thanks for the input.
If you can find 10 folk using EW and also using your favourite hymnal then you only need to convert one tenth of the book each and then share, Only works for EW2009 though, until importing from a schedule arrives on the EW6 feature list!
This may be not what you are requesting, however, the United methodist hymnal and faith we sing are both available through Cokesbury. The hymnal are complete indexed both by page and title. The files includes, responsive readings as well psalms, orders of worships such as communions, baptism....etc. They are in ppt format, so you can easily open and edit. I edit files as need , rename and change bacgrounds etc..within /using powerpoint. I have the hymnals saved to my desktop as a directory for easy reference. Hope this helps.
I've loaded Mission Praise 1-3 into EW2009 - hours of work, but at least its done