[v6 General Discussion] General Error EasyWorship 6

Every time I try to import a Powerpoint slide show, whether 97-2003 or later, I get a General Error message. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Easyworship 6, MS Office, had Support remote in and I'm stuck. It works on other PC's both in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. I've logged into other domain accounts on this machine and get the same results, General Error. I've used the Power Point viewer and it doesn't work. My next step is to install Windows 7 on another partition on this particular machine and see if it works there. If so, then I'll reinstall the OS and start all over but I'd just as soon not do that.

Any other ideas out there?

Wow. Sounds like a lot of troubleshooting on your part to get EW6 to work for you.
It is. I'm thinking there is probably an issue in the Registry, but trying to find the problem would be time-consuming. Uninstalling EW6 and MS Office and removing all traces of them from folders and the registry would be daunting if not impossible. That's why I'm thinking of a dual boot to see if that would work. If so, I make just eliminate the other partition and stick with the new one. I would just as soon avoid a format and new OS install although I'm sure that would fix it. I'm hoping someone out there will have an "aha" moment and post the fix on here.
Have you tried using account with local admin rights? Maybe folder rights are messed up.
New account with fresh Windows profile? Corrupt Windows profile can cause odd behavior.
If machine is only used for EW why create test partition?
I haven't created a fresh profile but may try that. The user does have local admin rights and a domain account that I logged on with has domain admin rights. This computer is used by one of the office staff for much more than EW.I figure creating a new partition and installing a new OS on it will see if the problem follows without having to install all the other software that is on the machine. If it works and I wipe the machine and reinstall, I'll put EW6 and MSOffice on it, create a Restore Point, and then install software one at a time and test after each installation just in case it is a conflict with something else.
I am demoing Easy Worship right now. I have been fairly ... MXC Media: 6 .... I have one thread already started about the PPT viewer error.