[v6 General Discussion] Having new problems

Now suddenly EW6 no longer changes the backgrounds of songs -- Sunday I had to change each song file individually through the edit/inspector mode rather because right clicking on the video would not change the song moving background.

Also, after several weeks of good luck with powerpoint working through EW6, this Sunday it locked up and I had to go back and go into processes and shut down EW6 and powerpoint (powerpoint was not open other than in EW6) and it just hung up. After shutting down EW6 and powerpoint in the processes, it loaded fine.

Please help with these issues -- it's tough dealing with all of these continuous issues and then hearing about it from leadership. I would have thought these issues were resolved as I thought the "fixes" from updates helped those issues but suddenly those issues are happening again and another Sunday of problems, we are going to have to change software and I did not build that into my budget. Getting really frustrated here!

What build are you currently using?
You can drag and drop backgrounds onto the songs in the schedule.
You may want to set a default song theme.
Click on the themes tab, then right click on a theme and click on set as song theme.
Under help, click on about EasyWorship to find the version you are using.
We actually fixed a lot of issues with PowerPoint in 6.1.9.
I'm surprised you would have issues with PowerPoint if you are using 6.1.9.
You may need to call tech support and let a tech troubleshoot the issue.
Similar problems with latest update; pressing OK once done with setting up a song theme and in the resource area: nothing. Tried at least a dozen different ways and the same result: I cannot set up a new theme.
Once a song using default theme is added to a schedule it no longer recognizes changes to default theme; likely due to decision to include resources in schedule.

Until theme creation bug is fixed you need to select resource and copy to theme. If you have a song theme you can edit it to change background. I have one theme called "Default Song Theme" set as my default theme so I'll know what it's for. EW2009 the thumbnails used for special purpose had an indicator.
I appreciate the heads up on dragging media into the song in the program -- that works great. Still have no luck getting the song theme media to work -- is no one else having that problem? We are using the most current update and it was working fine until the previous update. The drag method is a great feature and will work until the bug is fixed.