[v6 General Discussion] PowerPoint issues

My worship pastor is concerned that all of a sudden we don't have enough RAM because importing PowerPoint files causes the UI to freeze up and show "Not responding". EW2009 has not had any issues with importing and you can visually see the import happening instead of the EW6's unresponsive window fade that activates the user's sweat glands. So I'm confident that EW6 will resolve this issue as it gets more polished.

I have occasionally wondered if anyone has considered working with Libre/OpenOffice Impress instead of Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

Also had a crash during a song in our Easter Sunday service. Didn't really have time to investigate because we were in the middle of a service.

Another thought: We put our schedules on the computer's desktop. When we save changes to an existing schedule, the icon gets moved from the place we had intentionally put it (All of our schedules are together in a certain place on the desktop) and Windows puts it in an auto-positioned place. I would guess this is due to the file being deleted and re-created instead of rewriting new data into the existing file.

It sounds like you haven't updated to the latest build that we released last Tuesday. The current build is 6.1.9.
Please open EasyWorship and click on help, check for updates.
It should notify you when you open the program.
You can also go to www.easyworship.com/support and download the latest build and install it.
Yeah, I had updated to 1.9 last Tuesday and that resolved having to wait 5-10 seconds when switching between items in the playlist. So everything I mentioned happened in 1.9.
Can you post your computer specs?
What video card do you have?
What version of windows, and version of office?