[v6 General Discussion] powerpoint 2013 vs 2010

to any developer or support tech.....
I've read a few posts saying EW6 does not work well with ppt2013, is that true? We have a new computer at church so that we could use EW6. It has windows 8.1, PPT2013, NVIDIA graphics card...everything I believe it should have to meet and exceed the requirements. We don't do any foldback or use optional features. EW6 is used for it's basic features and to import powerpoint files. I have the latest upgrade of EW6 (1.9) but it still lags when switching from PPT to PPT in the schedule. Going to songs is fine, no lag. I also have the EW6 on a laptop with windows 7, ppt2013 and it's giving me the same lag problem as the desktop. I don't use the microsoft viewer since upgrading to 1.9 and I've set the properties in EW6 to not upscale DPI. Transitions worked fine with these settings on 1.8 build, but since upgrading to 1.9, it's been bad. Any suggestions? I've deleted EW6 on the desktop and reinstalled EW2007 from scratch because it was acting buggy and freezing...maybe from the data conversion?
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You don't need to set the dpi option anymore with the dpi fixes in 6.1.9.
PowerPoint 2013 will work fine with EasyWorship 6.
It can be slower loading due to loading PowerPoint then loading the slideshow and sending it live.
If you want it to load faster, open PowerPoint and minimize it.
That should speed up the load time.