[v6 General Discussion] Clicking on an item in the schedule...

Way back in build 6.1.3 I had asked the question of why when I now click on something in the schedule why it won't highlight this item in the resources section. This feature is extremely handy as our pastor might give us notes before the service saying for instance Genesis 1:28, but during the sermon he'll follow the spirit and say you know let's start at Genesis 1:26. With EW 2009 it was easy to click on what was in the schedule and then just click in the resources section. Now I currently have to manually enter Genesis 1:26. That takes a lot longer.

I posted this issue at that time. I was promised that it would be fixed by the next build. We're now on 6.1.8 and still doesn't work nor am I seeing an option. Has this been repaired and I can't find the option? Or is this another EW broken promise?


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This is something that is still on our list of things to do. Looking back at the posts, I said that I didn't have a eta for this feature to be added.