[v6 General Discussion] Pasted Text Not Displaying, etc

EW6 song editor doesn't always display text that I have pasted into the slide and I need to type at least one thing to get it to show. I copy and paste to duplicate slides but it would just be so much easier to have a duplicate slide function.

Creating presentations won't be an option for us until text animations are a function. we'll be using ppt.

yes, I've been able to find workarounds or many things but I was hoping for a program that didn't need workarounds.

I would be helpful to be able to search for any part of a title. I edit the song titles to include the song # and it would be great to be able to search for that # in the title.

Thank you for all your hard work.


I can answer your search question. On the left of the search box, click the icon that looks like lines or rows in a database.
It will change to a magnifying glass.
You can also click the drop down arrow and select title for the field to be searched.
Then type in the # you wish to search for.
Remember that search ignores non-alphabetic/numeric characters like #, -, -, etc. When I searched for '1' it found my hymnal numbers with a leading number one but not 'EG17 - Orphans of God',' HYMNAL #219','HYMNAL #291', etc.
Thank you!