[v6 General Discussion] Song Feature Requests

I would like to suggest the following feature requests relative to songs:

Song Data
Add the following fields to a song within the database. These would be hidden fields on the presentation, but would be available for export.

[list:3g2p0i19] Key
Link to SongSelect
Time Signature
Song Start Info (Free form text field)[/list:u:3g2p0i19]

Schedule Song Report
Export the schedule of songs to a report which would include the above data along with the existing song title. I email my song lists and print them out for musicians, and if I can have a button to produce the list, it would be great.

Clickable Link between Songs in database and Schedule

We often edit the song in the Database that is on the Schedule. I would like to click or double click a song within the Schedule and go directly to corresponding song in the Database. Also the opposite: double click a song in the database and go directly to the song in the Schedule.

What do you think?

Thanks for the input! I'll add this to our feature request list.

These are some great ideas. Especially the clickable linkable song link. I will submit the ideas to our developers. Thanks!
Can I add one more request? I haven't found an easy way to save a song I just worked in my schedule to the database. (If there is an easy way to do this, please let me know) Could you create an icon or maybe a right click menu item that says "Save song in schedule to Database." So it saves over the original unedited version.
This is already on the list!
Any idea when this will be implemented. It is frustrating not having it as we did in the previous version.
I do not have a date yet.