[v6 General Discussion] Caution - Beware SharedMedia Folder

I thought it be good to add all my PowerPoint files to Presentations folder; there were 970 of them. After a couple hours EW Helper finished processing them so thumbnails appear in EW6 Presentations pane. While making a backup I noticed a large number of JPGs being copied, 18,989 images of every slide totaling 2.2 GB!

Not sure why they have to be 960x720. I would think 1/8 HD or 240x135 would be sufficient and not more than 480x270. They are thumbnails after all.

Needless to say I'll be archiving 90% of these PowerPoint files and we'll see what happens to SharedMedia folder.

Well that was a total failure. With the PowerPoint files moved out, using Windows Explorer, EW6 started but was soon non-responsive. Even EW Helper was not willing to show its task window. The thumbnails remained in SharedMedia. After using Windows Task Manager to close both EW programs I deleted the files using Windows Explorer. It also affected Dropbox synchronization that there so many new files. After a reboot when I started EW6 it stopped responding when I click on resource tab. Task Manager shows main program at 30%+ CPU and Helper at zero. I'll leave them running overnight. May need to find backup database files on Dropbox tomorrow.
This morning PowerPoint thumbnails being rebuilt when opening EW6, every time. I going to be safe and reconvert my EW2009 data again and recreate collections, themes, etc. Hopefully by this evening I'll be where I was before my snafu. Then it's going to be backed up outside my normal backup location as that is updated too frequently.