[v6 General Discussion] Blank White or Black Screen

I just upgraded (I use that term loosely) to the version 6 and now I have these annoying white or black screens that show up upon what seems like any task and I can't do anything but open up windows task manager to close out the program. What gives?

Can you provide information about the computer you are using EasyWorship on?
What video card do you have?
Did you happen to turn on the alpha channel option?
If so, are you able to get to options and disable it in the live area of options?
It's an HP Compaq 6000 Pro SFF PC 3.06 Ghz Pentium 2 processor
2.0 Gig of memory
Windows 7
Dual Display card, Intel
I'm not sure what the alpha channel option is. Can you explain?
ok - found the alpha display and disabled that. I can now open up a schedule without the black screen of death. I hope that solved it. Thanks.
I just want to follow up and say that after the intial small glitch was corrected, the program runs great and I'm excited about the new opportunities it offers to enhance worship. Just thought you guys in customer/tech support should hear something positive for once.