[v6 General Discussion] Access Violation when editing song

When I go to create a new song I get the following error: Access Violation at 00804D28 in module 'Easyworship.exe'.

Nor can I edit any existing song.

I have tried:
- restarting the computer
- Uninstalling and reinstalling EW6
- reading through the forum but the other 'access violation' issues don't appear to be exactly the same as this one.

I am using EW Build 1.8 and it has been working fine previous to this.

Would really appreciate any help on this, especially if anyone can give any guidance in the next 12 hours as I really need to add a song for our service by then.

Thanks in anticipation.

What about in schedule? Can you add song to it and edit in schedule? Could you add to existing song in schedule? Perhaps that can get you going until Monday when EW support is available. There are no database tools in EW6 like there were in EW2009.
Ah! didn't tick 'notify me of replies' when I posted, so only just seen this. But thanks for replying anyway.

No, we can't edit on schedule either.

We had a new song to add, but ended up typing the lyrics into a PowerPoint and importing that, as a workaround (although the background image didn't show when it went live).

So still need a fix from somewhere if anyone can help.
Go to the themes tab and create a new theme.
Right click on the theme and set as song theme.
That should help.
You can also now edit a theme, click on the inspector button, then presentation.
Click the "Revert to Global" Button.
Hi Rodger, and thanks for the reply.

I am however still a bit stumped. Could you please help me to understand how this resolves the 'access violation' issue? We have never had this come up before.

To reiterate, my issue is that I can not create a new song or edit an existing one (either from the database or from within the schedule).

God bless, Alistair
There appears to be an issue related to default theme; so until that is corrected within EW6 you can create a new default theme. They seem to be addressing some regression bugs that have appeared.
Okay, so this is an issue with the software, not my PC?

So using a new theme, how do I go about creating a new song?
Can one of you email me a schedule that has a song in it that has this issue?
PM me if you need my email address.
I have PM'd you for email.

Could you please clarify what you want me to in regards to 'emailing you a schedule that has a song in it that has this issue' - all songs have the issue, I can't edit any songs - whatever schedule they are in, or when they are in the database.
I think Rodger was asking if you can access Themes. If you can, then create new one with nothing fancy and set it as your Default Theme. Then try accessing your Songs.
Ah, yes. Thank you. That appears to work!