[v6 General Discussion] Keynote conversion

Hi! My pastor creates all of his presentations in IOS's Keynote app on his Macbook. The old EW had no conversion so he submitted his slides as jpg's and we had to drag and drop each slide into the schedule individually.

First, is there a converter for Keynote in EW6?

If not, is there a better way to get Keynote slides into EW6?


I'm not an expert on EasyWorship but I do use a Mac. My suggestion would be to ask your pastor to convert (save as or export) his Keynote presentation to a PowerPoint presentation (there may be slight differences which can be edited in PowerPoint) and then hopefully you can import the ppt file per usual.
If you export the slides to jpg, you can load them into the media area of EasyWorship.
Then Create a new presentation in the presentation area.
Click on the media button, select images.
Select all of the jpg images you loaded from Keynote.
Drag them into the slides area on the left side of the editor.
It will create slides for each image.
Type in the name and click ok.
Thanks for the replies.
I'm guessing from the replies that EW6 does not have a Keynote converter.
For whatever reason (I am not a MAC user so I don't know), my pastor does not like to convert to Powerpoint but instead converts to jpgs. Yes on the old EW (2006) we had to drag each jpg into the schedule to create a slide. I'm guessing that in EW6, you can drag all of the jpgs into the schedule all at once which is much better. Anyway, I was hoping for a Keynote converter so that my pastor can just submit the Keynote file natively.

It's too bad that your pastor doesn't like to convert to PP, because on a Mac it's the easiest thing in the world... in fact just as easy as converting to jpgs, probably easier.
If you save them as jpeg, you can add them to a presentation in EasyWorship 6. Here is a link to a video that I created. https://www.easyworship.com/downloads/HelpVideos/CreatingALoop.swf:1qb6gknx]Creating a Loop
Hope this is helpful.