[v6 General Discussion] Freezing, becoming unusable.

While using EW6 the program freezes and becomes unresponsive, requiring the use of the task manager to close it. The mouse will click around in the program window but nothing works. Even the close button and the menus become unusable. Only way to continue using is to close the program using the task manager and restart.

intel i7 3.2 ghz
8gb Ram
EW 6.1.8

We bought this new computer to handle EW6 please advise as to how to fix this problem. Reverting back to 2009 is not an option because it was never on this new computer or we would go back until EW6 was finished.

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Make sure you have the latest build of EasyWorship.
Click on help, check for updates.
What video card do you have?
I had latest build when post was made. I am not sure what video card is installed it is a laptop. I connect through hdmi to the projector
This is not typical behavior from our testing and from our user feedback.
Please provide the video card info.
You can go to the start page and type in dxdiag.
Open the dxdiag program.
Click on display 1 to find the video card name.
Also make sure you are not using any kind of USB video adapter device to connect to the projector.
The video card is integrated and connected through hdmi
DxDiag output -- http://pastebin.com/VXx81krP
Our system has the same problem, same Revision.
Our video card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 645.
i5-4570 3.2Ghz
16 GB Ram
64 Bit
1 TB HD.

Doesn't give a warning, I find out when I click to change a scripture/song, and it stops responding.

Please Help.
Didn't get through one song froze up nothing I did could get us out of it. I had to turn off the computer and reboot. It resumed windows and I closed out EW 6. I downloaded an update today. We purchased and received a Disk with EW 6, I loaded it into the computer before we had internet. I downloaded the license key and put it on a flash drive. When I dragged the file to Easy worship it crashed. Broad green vertical lines non responsive had to restart in safe mode. When I start up now and sign in it recognizes but still says it is an unregistered program. Help
The license file is loaded via Help -> Register Products... Select Register using file and use EW website id and password to complete registration.

See Offline Registration FAQ - [url:kpn5xxi4]http://forums.easyworship.com/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=13991
Also if you are using EasyWorship offline and you are on a trial license or a payment plan the software will say it is not licensed.
Also make sure you are using EasyWorship 6.1.9.
If not, go to www.easyworship.com/support download the installer to a flash drive, take it to the computer and install it.
It sounds like windows didn't shut down if it resumed.
Can you post system specs?
OK one of our younger men got it registered. But it crashed again today trying to bring another song in from Song Select. No mouse action and no keyboard function, could not even control alt delete. It is the newest build 6.1 9. would like to get it to work now as everything else is ready.

Alas it froze again when my worship leader was importing a song from song select. So that is at least six freeze ups, with varying causes. At least 2 trying to import songs.
It has not crashed or seemed slow in loading song slides.

Processor & Memory:
Intel® Core i7-4790 Processor 3.6GHz
16GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM

1TB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive
DVD-RW (Writes to DVD/CD)

Operating System:
Microsoft® Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)

Graphics & Video:
4GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 Graphics
What version NVIDIA driver?

Latest Windows 7/8 video drivers (as of 04/12/2015):

[list:1ys5l7pu]AMD Catalyst - Omega 14.12, released 12/09/2014
NVIDIA GeForce - 309.08, released 02/24/2015
INTEL HD Graphics * -, released 03/06/2015[/list:u:1ys5l7pu]
* - 4th Generation or newer processor integrated graphics
Also, if PowerPoint is up and running (we use two video monitors) along with EW6, EVERYTHING freezes, requiring Task Manager to close all.
any update on this issue as I have it too on a win8.1 16GB 1TB SSD NVidia 750Ti
have to kill via task manager - which is REALLY old school