[v6 General Discussion] Presentations

Is there a way in EW6 to duplicate a slide including the background media used on the slide when creating a presentation . When creating sermon points some information such as the sermon title and scripture never change from slide to slide. Also as a new point is added the previous point (text) just changes color, the position never changes. What I currently do is create one slide in Power Point with all the text, then duplicate it as many times as necessary. I then edit each slide as needed for color, etc. This keeps the text from jumping/moving between slides. I have tried to use the presentation editor but it is to time consuming trying to keep the text aligned between all the slides.

While it would be easier if cut, copy and paste worked in Slides tab, you can cut, copy and paste in the Words tab. If you use fixed font sizes text elements won't move around, plus setting vertical alignment to Top. I don't see a way to eliminate bullet on items in presentation text box. I tried adjusting content box and adding another text box without bullets but the theme didn't recognize it so when copied the box and its text are not duplicated. In fact the new box's text doesn't appear in the Words tab.

To eliminated bullets, select the text box, click on the inspector button.
Under Text click on Bullets.
Change Bullet Style to none.
Or you can change the theme of the slide to blank or something else like blank.
Click on theme and mouse over the current theme that is set.
Select blank from the list of available slide types.
But how do I copy slide with multiple text boxes that don't show text in Words tab? When copied text into new text box it omitted the bullet on first line and left bullets on subsequent lines. The blank slide only remembers background and not either text box; because it doesn't any boxes to store settings. I don't see a way to create a custom slide type.

Tried your suggestions but still not everything is remembered by theme and sometimes the Apply to Theme button is grayed out.