[v6 General Discussion] Song Transition VS Slide/Text Transition

In the previous EasyWorship, we used a blend/fade effect when transitioning from one song/image/media to another. Like at the end of one song moving to a new song. Then the text within the song would transition with no effect. Instantaneous. On EasyWorship 6 I can't find a way to do one or the other. If I adjust the "slide transition" to none, it makes the transition between lyrics instant (which I want), but then the transition between media or songs is instant, which kind of seems like a harsh transition. If I set it to blend, the transition between songs/media has a nice blend/fade effect (which I want), but the lyrics within the songs have the same blend/fade that makes the lyrics muddy for a second or two which is not good for the congregation when singing.

Anyone know how to separate the two effects? I want transitions between songs/media to be a blend/fade and the transition between lyrics within the song to be immediate as we sing.

In EW2009 All transition effects were controlled from Live -> Transitions.

In EW6 all transition effects, except slide, are controlled from Edit -> Options -> Transitions.

Slide transitions are controlled via Inspector -> Slide -> Transition. It can be set in Default Song Theme.

Thanks for the help. I already found these menus, but it seems like there's no distinction between slide or song transition. I checked the inspector for a song & changed the slide transition to "None". Then when I went back to check it, there was no blend transition between the previous song to the newly edited one. The blend from slide to slide (lyrics to lyrics) was gone; which is what I wanted. I want a blend from one song to the next, but the lyrics to be immediate.

"In EW6 all transition effects, except slide, are controlled from Edit -> Options -> Transitions."
The picture below this statement shows options for SLIDE, black, clear, & logo transitions, NOT song transition.

When I change in either "options" or "inspector", it changed the same thing. Options changes everything, inspector just changes things on that particular song. I still can't find a way to get a blend between songs but no blend between lyric slides.
I've found, like you said, that if you edit the transitions in a song theme, it applies to everything - including the transition from the previous song to the current song. It would be really nice to have that functionality back where you could differentiate transitions between song-to-song and slide-to-slide within a song. In EW2009 and previous, I had them set differently.

What I've found to fix this is to use themes for your songs - and have the theme slide transition to be "None". Then when you are going between slides in one song, there is no blend or anything. Then, you need to go in and edit the song itself, click on the first slide and click on Inspector. This will only edit the first slide - now change the slide transition to Blend. This should make the song blend in from the previous song, but then each transition within the song is straight with no blend. It's time consuming though to have to do this for every song..and not really easy!

Please correct me if there is a different/better way of doing this.