[v6 General Discussion] another access violation

access violation at address 00A7FD51 in module "Easyworship.exe. Read of address 00000080.

this happens when switching from one schedule to another



On my computer there was no error switching to another schedule. Tried with Live/Foldback on and off, just paged down through items in schedule and switched between schedules a couple of times. It must be something else besides loading another schedule.
I updated to the newest version, 6.1.8 this morning, 3/15/15 before service. I immediately lost the ability to update any song words, title, etc on the song panel. If I put my cursor anywhere in the song words or title panel, I get an access violation of ‘Access violation at address 00A7F780 in module ‘EasyWorhip.exe’. Read of address 00000010.
Also had any existing converted songs (from 2009) or ones imported from SongSelect today have the Song title, copyright information lines that should be at the bottom of the screen in the middle of the screen vertically. Since that is not even an option, I cannot fix those songs/screens. Please help.
Try this.
Go to themes.
Right click on a theme and click set as song theme.
You'll probably want to do this under scripture and presentation.
Then see how it behaves.
If you don't have a theme, Click the plus sign at the bottom to create a new theme.
Name it black.
Click OK.
Right click on it and set as song, scripture or presentation theme.
That worked