[v6 General Discussion] Exception when removing presentation files using explorer

I'm using Version 6.17 of EW, and it crashed the program 3 times this morning. Here's what happened: I removed the presentation (.ppt) files from "underneath" EW by moving the files from the presentation directory to the recycle bin. EW went into the dreaded Windows "is not responding" mode. I terminated the program, and restarted, and got exceptions on the next 3 startup/terminate sequences. I had to restore the removed files back to the presentation directory for EW to stabilize and continue.

Can I use window's file manager to manage the presentation manager (in later versions) without causing EW to crash? The UI removal process is slow, and somewhat clumsly.
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When using UI to delete presentation files it also makes the necessary database changes to forget the presentations. You should be able to select the thumbnails using Shift-click or Ctrl-click to highlight multiple files and press Delete to remove them.

However, error handling in EW6 should be more benign and not crash this entire program.