[v6 General Discussion] Video Pausing

Bought new computer at the first of the year. Installed EW2009 initially but then bought the upgrade to EW6 (Glad I didn't uninstall 2009). I noticed when playing DVD videos that the video would periodically pause for just a brief moment and continue. After reading other posts about video cards, I checked the card I had on the new computer and saw it was a Quatro card which it appears EW does not work well with, so I just replaced it with a PNY Geforce GTX 750Ti, 2GB. Initially look seemed to be MUCH better, however I am still seeing some pauses, albeit briefer in length. I don't think it's near as noticeable, if at all, by the normal viewer, but I can tell it. It's MUCH worse on EW6 than on EW2009 to the point where I don't even want to use EW6. Very frustrated.

Is the DVD player a USB dvd player or an internal drive?
I had a pausing issue on EasyWorship 2009, but Version 6 didn't have the issue at all.
Do all dvds do this?
In EasyWorship, click on edit, options, Advanced.
Uncheck Prevent DVD Spin Down.
Also make sure Use Preferred DVD video codecs is checked.
Click OK.
Also make sure you have installed DScaler from the link on the following Help Topic.
https://www.easyworship.com/help/default.htm#C_Technical/Video%20Decoders.htm%3FTocPath%3DTechnical%2520Topics%7C_____3:wxfujvfe]VIDEO DECODERS FOR EASYWORSHIP 6
The 2 drives I use are internal. I will double check the settings when I am back at that computer. I upgraded one of our other computers to EW6 and haven't had the issues I've had with my new one.

If I can ask this here, have y'all seen issues where a computer has more than one user logon with the EW6 database not talking to each of the logon users?
I already had the settings on the Advanced screen set as you suggested. I had already installed DScaler, so I uninstalled it, then re-installed it. The DVD's still pause periodically. The DVD's I'm using are the I-Worship DVD's, we have almost the entire set and I see it in both old and new. I've tried it on both EW2009 and EW6 with the same results.
Do you have any other software on the computer to test the dvds on to see if it could be an issue with the drives?
Can you provide more info about the computer?
Computer brand, CPU, Memory,video card, Windows version...
Manufacturer: Dell
Model: Precision T1700
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60 GHz
installed memory: 8.00 GB
System type: 64-bit Operating System

new video card: PNY Geforce GTX 750Ti, 2GB

Ran the DVD's using Windows Media Player and they worked normally without pauses using both drives.
Check Edit -> Options -> Advanced to make sure Prevent DVD spin down is selected.
I worked with a customer before that had a dell computer with the same problem on EasyWorship 2009.
We never found a solution to the issue. Are these dvd drives Dell drives?
Yes, they are Dell Drives. Also, I do have the box checked on the prevent spin down.
See if unchecking the prevent dvd spin down option helps.