[v6 General Discussion] Powerpoint Go Live very slow

Anyone else having this problem? It takes about 5-6 seconds for a powerpoint file to go live. After that I can click between slides in the powerpoint presentation and it's immediate, but the initial loading of the file is really long. I updated to 6.1.7 yesterday.

While testing PowerPoint load times, using PowerPoint program and not preloading, I ran across an issue. It took 3-4 seconds regardless of first or second time going Live with PowerPoint. I switched between a song and PowerPoint. I then loaded some PowerPoint presentations directly from Resources and suddenly Live stopped switching. I even loaded an EW6 presentation and the Live and Foldback screens remained unaltered. Playing around I got a black screen on Live and Foldback, with Song words on Foldback but none for presentation.

When trying to exit EW6 it crashed hard and after clicking OK to error messages twenty times I used Task Manager to shutdown EW6. But to my amazement when I opened EW6 and the schedule I couldn't cause the issue again. Sorry developers.

I found a solution! I had been using display foldback with a Matrox DualHead2Go. I tried all sorts of resolution configurations and nothing changed it. I stuck an old video card in there (GeForce 8500 GT) and hooked the stage display up to it and it fixed my powerpoint problem! It was much faster at transitioning and the image wasn't compromised. Could there be an issue with the Matrox DualHead2Go method?
Matrox DualHead2Go doesn't process graphics it only splits video signal from your graphics card. What is graphics card driving Matrox?
I'm having the same issue but it is catastrophically bad. It has taken over 10 minutes for Powerpoints to load in the past.

Here are some things to look at.
Make sure the slideshow is not very large.
Make sure it's not stored on a server or flash drive.
Make sure the preview pane is not turned in the View tab of File Explorer.
Run Quick Repair of Office and reboot the computer.
Check and make sure both ezwHookpp.32.exe and ezwHookpp.64.exe files are in C:\Program Files (x86)\Softouch\EasyWorship 6, if not, then make sure exclusions are added in antivirus software and re-install EW to create new hook files. Also run another Quick Repair of Office.
In Antivirus program, set exclusions for the following:
Complete uninstall and reinstall of Office.