[v6 General Discussion] layout of working screen

help!-I have moved dividing line between live preview & live output right over to right hand edge, & I can't drag it back.
I can see arrow thing that should drag it back but it doesn't respond. Any suggestions?

sorry to add to list of topics
I've just done the same thing. Tried closing and opening but still no Live output window. I get the double headed arrow symbol but when I drag, the edge doesn't come too.

I just reduced the width to about 1 inch and it disappeared. How did you get it back?
Put the mouse on the .... part of the bar, click and drag to the left.
It will not appear to drag until you get the mouse a certain distance from the right side of the screen.
It seems that you have to drag it at least as far as the "logo" button at the top.
Likewise is disappears if you try to make it narrower than this.
I just blindly tried & tried over several days to use the double arrow

thanks for correct method.

EasyWorship is great when you know how it works