[v6 General Discussion] Unable to save schedule...

I just finished creating my second schedule but EW6 will not let me save the file. Currently the warning popping up says: "Unable to save schedule! Please verify that none of the media files needed our(sp?) being used by another process."

I have closed every file and application on my computer and still it will not save the schedule. What else can I do here? I don't want to have to edit everything on the day I'll use the schedule. Any advice to help this situation will be useful. This is my first experience with Easy Worship and it is proving to be harder than I expected.

The first schedule I made worked well and I was able to edit it through out the week but now I can't do the same with this new schedule.

Thanks, J.

This seems to happen if you have added a song to the schedule that is linking to a background or media item that is no longer available.
If you drag a current media item or theme to the song in the schedule, it should save.
Thanks Roger. I found the problem was a theme with one of my presentations. I'm not certain what the problem was because all of the media files where still available and not deleted. The schedule is saved so I'm good with it for now. Thanks again.
I'm having the same issue/ All my media files are still available. But if I try to save while I have a presentation in the schedule, it won't save. I have to remove the presentation before it will save. Please help. I really don't want to have to manually load my presentations each time I open as schedule.

I have answered this in another post here viewtopic.php?f=45&t=14186&p=48379#p48379
I have pasted the steps to fix this below

1. Go to MEDIA then select either and image or a video, right click on it and then COPY TO THEME//PRESENTATION THEME. do the same for SONG and SCRIPTURE.
2. Go to THEMES then right click on the one that you just added and SET AS A PRESENTATION THEME. do the same for SONG and SCRIPTURE.
See if this will allow it to be saved.
Thanks! I'll give it a try and see what happens
I just posted through TeamViewer these possible resolutions on our Church PC for the person who runs EW6. Hopefully they work.
Thanks, for this has been very frustrating.