[v6 General Discussion] Media Management - aspect ratio

I'm setting up EW6 for testing to hopefully deploy to live in the next month. Currently we run EW 2009. When I import media created for EW 2009, the auto-aspect setting displays the clips as 4x3 instead of stretching them to 16x9. (They are meant to be 16x9.) I can go into each individual clip to change the aspect, but that ads up quickly when you have as many backgrounds as we do.

Is there a way to change the default aspect setting for media on import or in preferences? Is there a way to mass change the aspect on existing media?

On a lighter note: Thanks to the Devs! I LOVE the new feature with the scriptures auto breaking after the slide fills! Took me a couple minutes to test and configure, but it will save me hours over the next year!

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It seems to be working the same as 2009. It maintains the aspect ratio.
If you are using EasyWorship 6 on a computer that has a screen that is 16:9 the thumbnails will appear in a 16:9 ratio, but when you play the video it will maintain the aspect ratio like the old version.