[v6 General Discussion] PowerPoint Problems

We have noticed after upgrading to EW6 that now when we go to PowerPoint and edit a file that is in our current schedule EasyWorship will no longer update the PowerPoint file while running the current schedule. Is this a known problem or something omitted from the upgrade?? Also, if I create a schedule on my office PC using the same profile as our Auditorium PC and then add a PowerPoint file(even after moving to the Auditorium PC) that PowerPoint will come up with random or blank thumbnails in the so called preview pane of EW6 (we really miss the old center preview pane. If you use a second monitor, not sure why you need the live slide showing alone??). If I create the same schedule with the same profile at our Auditorium PC and then add a PowerPoint it comes in fine with correct thumbnails. Am I the only one experiencing this?

The PowerPoint thumbnails seem to be built when needed; if you add to schedule then expand they appear as though they are being created at that time. When you go live the thumbnails appear instantaneously. If go live first it seems to create them at that time and expanding schedule is fast. It may also be the Helper program which does some processing when the PowerPoint is imported and the thumbnail for resource is created.

I use the viewer since I have Office 2013 installed.
We are fixing a lot of the thumbnail issues with the next build. The next build will prefer the PowerPoint app over the viewer. You can force it to use viewer, but it will not be supported, due to Microsoft changing how we can interact with the viewer. If you are presenting a PowerPoint using the application, you cannot edit a PowerPoint. This is a limitation of PowerPoint not EasyWorship. If you start a PowerPoint slideshow in PowerPoint, you cannot edit that a slideshow at the same time.
If editing powerpoint while using it in EW6 is a powerpoint limitation, why did it work flawlessly in EW2009? This is a big deal. When you get a file late(say as a service starts), sometimes you have to start the presentation(ie sermon) while you go to powerpoint and edit the middle and/or end of the file and then refresh it in EW when you are finished. In a perfect world, you would always have time to edit before a service begins, but this does not always happen. This is another practical feature of EW2009 that somehow has disappeared in EW6.
You were using PowerPoint viewer in EasyWorship 2009. EasyWorship 6 can use the viewer, however Microsoft is limiting our interaction with the viewer, so you could have issues. If you are running a PowerPoint slideshow, and editing a slideshow at the same time, EasyWorship should pause the current running slideshow and allow you to edit the slideshow you are working with. In EasyWorship 2009 if you were using the PowerPoint program to present slideshows, you could open a PowerPoint in PowerPoint, but you couldn't make any changes to the slideshow. This is a limitation of PowerPoint, not EasyWorship.