[v6 General Discussion] More than one main output

At my church we are planning on buying a projector, but we would also like to have a live feed of what EasyWorship is displaying on a small computer screen in our media area aswell. Would it be possible to have the option of an extra "Main" display without having to buy a splitter?
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Just a thought. We invested in an inexpensive splitter several years ago. The purpose - have one small display in our presentation work space while the main projector did it's job. The goal - be able to view the projector view without having to look up and refocus eyesight. The unexpected advantage - we could mute the projector and still see what 'will' be on the projector when we take the mute off the projector. It has been quite helpful over the last few years. Although we generally use the EasyWorship controls for the monitor/projector, this additional possibility has been helpful.