[v6 General Discussion] Can't use image background

I'm only able to use videos as backgrounds not images. As soon as I add an image background to a song, it blacks out the screen.

Please help!!!

Hi - I am testing EasyWorship 6 before buying and I have been trying building custom song themes.

Below is one I have made, the cross was made in Pixelmator and exported as a PNG with transparent background. I then pasted it into a EasyWorship theme with a graduated colour background. The image is slightly bigger than the visible cross.

I note that I had to put the image into the background - Arrange button, Send To Back - otherwise it was viewed in front of the words. Perhaps you need to do the same with (what I assume is) your full frame image.

Thanks for the suggestion, but its not a possibility. I have more complex backgrounds to use.

Here's an exemple.

If you add an image directly to slide it uses layering, like PowerPoint, so you need to move it to the back. Click on image then click Arrange button (upper right) and choose Send to Back.

If you want all slides in song to use same background use Inspector to add background media and click Apply to Theme so all slides get same background.
Did this, not working.

Really starting to regret asking church to buy version 6.
Make sure you have the latest build.
Open EasyWorship 6.
Click on help about EasyWorship.
This sounds like an issue from one of the older builds or even the beta.
It should be build 6.1.6.
If you are not on that version, go to www.easyworship.com/support
Download and install it.
Also add as song to the schedule.
Drag one of your images onto the song and go live with it.
What happens?
I grabbed the JPG image you posted and it's working as a background for me.