[v6 General Discussion] Song to Song Transitions

OK, I'm probably missing the obvious. I just spent several hours trying to figure out how to change the transition from one schedule item to another. Would someone please tell me where it is so I don't go nuts?

All I wanna do is change the speed of the transition. Like when we go into our communion background slides, I want a slow transition. When we go song to song, I usually need it to be quicker.

Currently EasyWorship uses the default slide transition for the schedule item transition.
You can change that setting under edit, options, transitions.
I frequently change transitions on the fly during services to reflect the mood of the service at the time.
Having to navigate through "Tools" and "Options" to locate "Transitions" rather than having it on on the user screen makes a quick change impractical.
Can we have this button brought back to the surface please?