[v6 General Discussion] Converting EW 2007 database to EW 6

I having problems converting my existing EasyWorship 2007 database to EasyWorship 6. When I first launch EW6 after installing it gives me a prompt to convert the existing database which I accept. The converter runs for a few seconds, it does not complete and the choose profile dialog appears, when I click on "switch to" default profile the converter again runs for a few seconds and does not complete. I have tried deleting the v6.1 folders and also repairing the 2007 database, all without success. I am running build 1.6 of EW6 on a Windows 8.1 computer. Does anyone know how to resolve this please?

Install EasyWorship 2009 build 1.9 on the computer and open it.
That will force the 2007 database to be converted to the latest 2009 database format.
Then Close Easyworship 2009 and open EasyWorship 6 and see if it converts.
You may have had an older 2007 database that was not build 1.7 and that could be causing this issue.
There also could be an error in the 2007 database.
Did this suggested fix work? I am having the same issue.
Installing EasyWorship 2009 and letting it convert the DB worked. After I converted in 2009 I moved the DB to the new EasyWorship 6 and all the songs imported as expected. Thanks for the help!