[v6 General Discussion] Where will the media (images,videos,etc) be stored?

I believe EW2009 store only the shortcut to the image in its resource folder unless the image was imported via schedule. So, we still need to remember to where the images are stored so as not to lose that image, and to take note if we are to share out our database (via copying).

So what happens in EW6?
1) When we import via the '+' sign or right click -> import new file, will EW6 copy the actual image to the resource folder or will it just add a shortcut to the resource folder? This will impact on the sharing of data.
2) When EW6 convert EW2009 database, will it still follows the EW2009 old format of storing shortcut in the resource folder?

Personally I'm glad it still works with shortcuts since I worked out a solution for handling media on different computers. I used the SUBST command to point M: (short for media) to drive with media folders (C:\, D:\, etc.) then writing a Powershell script to add new and remove old media shortcuts automatically every day. It seems to be working in both versions.
The files are copied to the same location as EasyWorship 2009. It no longer makes shortcuts due to so many issues with customers moving, renaming and deleting their files then wanting us to do file recovery when they no longer work in EasyWorship. It also made transferring the database messy due to shortcut links being broken when they were transferred to another computer.
EW2009 and EW6 share the same Resources folder under the profile. I had written a Powershell script to maintain the media shortcuts in the Resources folder. The new images and videos appear automatically in EW6 just like they do in EW2009.

The EW Helper program assigns a unique ID to media each file for use in its collection database but doesn't appear to store thumbnails like EW2009 did.

I may be wrong, but this is what I THINK happens with the database.

Yes, instead of just storing thumbnails when our files were someplace else (everyone had problems with that one) new and complete COPIES of our images, videos, whatever are stored in the PROFILE folder. The profile folder(s) are located under c:UsersPublicPublic DocumentsSoftouch. Everything seems to be an actual copy of the original, which is possible now that hard drives are so huge. Now we can delete the original, pull out the DVD, disconnect the thumb drive, whatever and a real, live COPY stays in the EW profile folder.

SO now all we have to do is burn that folder to a DVD or thumb or to the cloud for a full backup of ALL data.

At least that's how it LOOKS to work. Not much from the EW developers on that subject.