[v6 General Discussion] Tags, Display, Song Editing, DVD - multiple problems

I've been trying out EasyWorship 6 to see whether we should upgrade, but at the moment I'd say there are for too many problems and shortcomings to make it worthwhile (or worth risking not being able to function on a Sunday!)
Here's the state of play so far for us:
1.) Text does not display correctly in live, preview and editor windows – text is scrambled. Allied to this is that the user interface is not displaying properly either - the theme tab is just 'The'
2.) Whole lines of longer songs not displayed – they are cut off.
3.) There is no simple way of splitting longer song and scripture verses into separate screens - this was done simply by inserting blank lines in 2009.
4.) DVDs will not play at all – disc just spins in tray.
5.) Missing shortcut links - copy cut and paste (some of our operators are not familiar with shortcut keys).
6.) Tags and tag hotkeys have gone - absolutely crucial for us, since we mainly use the keyboard, not a mouse, when operating - we don't have room for a mouse and sometimes use a wireless keyboard from the front of the church.

The display issues are sort of resolved when we change the DPI settings, but it's not a solution for us, since this makes the on-screen text in Windows far too small for some of users. Plus, you shouldn't have to tweak the DPI to make the software work!
In this respect, accessibility for those with less than perfect eyesight ought to have been a consideration in the developemnt of EW6 particularly with song and scripture editing.
If we don't display songs and scriptures 3-4 lines at a time, we risk complaints. In EW 2009 it was very simple to break songs up into separate (tagged) verses with multiple slides per verse. ALL of this has now been removed. Without being able tag verses and choruses and break them up into multiple slides, EW 6 has become impractical to use in worship. Whilst labelling each slide as verse 1, 2, etc. is possible, without being able to tag where a verse begins it's not possible to jump back to the beginning of verse (or chorus) which contains multiple slides.
E.g. one hymn we use contains 9 lines per verse - far too much for one slide. If we split it up into (say) 3 slides per verse, it becomes impossible to just hit 4 and Enter on the keyboard to go straight to verse 4 - instead you end up on SLIDE 4 which is now the first slide of verse 2!
The same goes with scripture editing. You CAN now set EW6 to display one verse at a time after you have dragged a passage into the schedule - brilliant! - but if one verse is impractically long, it's no longer a simple matter of editing and places spaces between lines of text to separate the verse sections into separate slides. Instead you have to create a new blank slide then copy, cut and paste sections of the verse into it from the previous slide. Imagine doing that for a 29 verse reading from Isaiah!

My opinion - the EW team ought to treat this release as a beta and release a 6.1 in the middle of the year after all the feedback.