[v6 General Discussion] Audio in Songs stop by changing slide...


I'm trying to put the song to work with mp3 in background, and in the current version I can't manage to put it to work.

I emailed support in 2014 about this issue, and they said that the feature was already deployed (I tested first in EW2009), and I tested in a trial version of EW6.

Now I have purchased the licence, and I can't manage to put it to work again.

Did it changed again?

I create a new song, add all the lyrics, and in the slide order, on the 1st slide, I add Media, Audio and select the correct MP3 file.

As soon as the slide starts, the audio file starts too, but stops (in a fade out) as soon as I change to the 2nd slide.

Anyone can help solve this issue?

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The only way I got the music to play properly was to drag-and-drop the audio file from media onto scheduled song.

I tried with builds 1.5 and 1.6 (just released) to do it using media button in Song Editor with mixed results, none acceptable. Either music added to one slide only (enter or double-click or drag-and-drop); had to use Inspector to apply to theme (all slides). These in-edit-mode methods played music on each slide independently, either one slide only or restarting on each slide.
It works for me if I drag and drop the audio file onto the only slide that shows when the song is collapsed in the schedule view, then the music will play on every slide. If you drop it onto the first slide in the expanded view I think it will only play on that slide.