[Equipment Configurations] Video capture??

I'm the guy who does EasyWorship every Sunday for our church. Like many others, we've been recording an abbreviated service and posting it during this pandemic thing. That's cool. Well, we'd like to get a little fancier, and take advantage of what Easy Worship can hopefully add to make our little Church's productions a little bit more professional.

So we've got the camera and cabling, the USB capture device is on the way, between Easy Worship and OBS Studio we're reasonably well covered.

Question: Our laptop that we use for Easy Worship is about 4-5 years old. It has an I5 processor (don't have to laptop with me right now to check the exact processor), 8 gb RAM, a 250gb SSD. I think those are all just fine. But the video card is also a bit older, it is an NVIDIA GTX 950m. I know the website says we need at least a GTX 1050. Any thoughts on if the 950m video might work? FYI, we will NOT be streaming, intention is still just to record the service, and then upload it, like we're already doing. Not doing 4K or anything like that, 720p or 1080p is more than enough.

Appreciate any input or thoughts you can provide.


Larry Hall

It may work. Here is a link to a video that shows step by step how to stream and you could also just upload a recording.

http://training.easyworship.com/support/solutions/articles/24000053112] Setting up EW with OBS
I would like to know what camera is best to hook up to a computer to do live video feeds? Any suggestions?
We do not have any specific camera that we recommend. If it is not an NDI camera then you will need to make sure that you have a capture card installed in order to bring the camera in as a feed. We do have a list of Capture cards that we have tested on the system requirements area of our web page.