[Equipment Configurations] GTX 960M or GTX1050? / i5-7300 or i7-7700?

Hi Folks

Just about to purchase a new laptop primarily for running EasyWorship, including Powerpoints and HD video, and I want to meet at least the 'Recommended' specification.

MSI laptop I'm looking at has HDMI / DisplayPort - so two outputs are covered.

Need your advice - Is there any advantage in a GTX 1050 over a GTX960M for EasyWorship (both 2GB DDR5).

Secondly, will opting for an i7-7700HQ give any appreciable advantage over an i5-7300HQ (both quad-core)

Also - any advantage in going beyond 8GB RAM? Only going to be used for EasyWorship

Thanks in anticipation for your responses

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Kenneth Ross

Many thanks, Terry!
8 should be fine I cannot see a great advantage in going higher.
Many thanks, Terry,

Any comment on RAM - is there any advantage in going beyond 8GB?



You can see the video card chart here [attachment=1:a42w3jrq]videocard_versus.png[/attachment:a42w3jrq]

You can see the CPU chart here [attachment=0:a42w3jrq]CPU_VERSUS.png[/attachment:a42w3jrq]

From the chart the video card looks like the 1050 out performs the 960 quite a bit but the i5 looks fine to me.

I would go with the 1050 and the i 5