[Equipment Configurations] Three screen option

I am trying to spec hardware for a newly built sanctuary. We will be upgrading to EW6 with the new hardware. I think we are aiming for a GTX 970 video card. We can drive three outputs from this? We are thinking the following screens:
1.) Normal windows screen with the EW6 console - this will be a local screen to the machine.
2.) Front of the Sanctuary HD screen
3.) Screens in the back of the sanctuary that the worship team can see.

In many cases 2 and 3 will be the same, but in some cases, there may be streaming content that goes to the front screen and a countdown timer or band only lyrics on the back screen or some thing else. Is this a configuration that is supported with HD going to all screens? I have only seen your topics covering two screens, not three screen outputs. I have also seen a foldback option with VGA definition and old video cards. If three screen output is supported, can you show how to do it (given this will be a high end video system)?


Easyworship displays your live output to what ever your secondary output is. If the secondary output is 1920x 1080 then that is what EW will display.

If you have multiple monitors, TV, Projectors and you want to display the live output on all of them then you will be limited to the output of the lowest resolution.

You cannot set a different resolution for each output in EW.

You cannot do this in Windows either. If you have multiple outputs and you want each to be a different resolution they would each have to be connected to a separate video output that you could customize.
In the church where I congregate has a widescreen, and a square screen, the pc monitor and some TVs, all with different resolutions.
I wonder if it is possible to configure 4 or 5 different resolutions with the EW6. The main screen is perfect, but the other screens are with a black band in the footer. It looks like it's halved, because the resolution I'm using is that of the main screen. I was thinking of using multiple outputs of the video card and the onboard card or USB 3.0 converters for videos to achieve different resolutions in windows without spending much, but it seems that will not help because EW does not support.
Is it possible for me to be able to configure all 5 monitors with different resolutions in EW?

Different brands of the 970 have multiple outputs. Some have 1 DVI-i and 1 DVI-d and 1 HDMI and 1 Display port output and can run four separate outputs but EasyWorship will only use 3 outputs.

One output will go to your control screen. Usually your desktop monitor.
One output will go directly to your projector or tv or to a splitter that will go to multiple projectors or tv's.
One output will go to the foldback or stage display. This will show the same thing that is on the projector but you can also have a clock and what is coming up next on this screen.

I am not sure how you would stream something to the Projectors and the the Foldback at the same time.