[Equipment Configurations] System lag with GTX750

I'm running a Dell XPS 8900 workstation with 8 gb ram, I-7 processor, a GTX750 with 2 gb ram, and EW 6. Many graphic screens have a significant lag between the view live monitor and the projectors. The monitor and projectors are fed off the same vga port, via a powered splitter.

My question: Would it be beneficial to invest in a mid-range gaming card, such as a GTX960? We are pumping a lot of pixels thru the video processor!

Or would we better off investing in 16gb of ram?

I know just enough about this stuff to get myself in trouble

Thank you for thereply. I'll try it this week. If it turns out to be the card, would a higher end card with more memory be better?

I would look into the video card before the RAM. You could also plug in a Monitor and bypass the splitter and see if it could be an issue with that.