[iOS Remote] PowerPoint Problems

Seems loading PowerPoints while using the app lock up the preview and it stops changing. When going live with a PP, I tend to get a black screen on the preview in the app. I can still control it, but the preview is black.

PowerPoint would be one of our biggest uses for this app for when presenters want to control their own. Hopefully this can worked out.

FYI I am using the second version of the app.

OK I replicated it once by going live with a powerpoint and letting it set for a while, then I connected with the app.
I'm trying to replicate again to get a pattern of behavior documented.
We are trying to replicate this, but haven't been able to.
Can you email me the last schedule you used that had this issue.
I'll need you to pack it and send it.
Also If you can send with it detailed instructions of the process you are going through.
What view is being used in EasyWorship? Preview & Live or Preview & Live Combined, or Live with Resource preview.
Does it happen more when you have more people connected to the wifi access point or does it matter?

I use all video backgrounds so the file is 117MB. Cannot email that.
Ignore that request. Since I recreated it once, I've just got to figure out the trick to making it happen again.
Is this fairly frequent for you?
Yes. Anytime I turn it on during or after a PowerPoint, it almost always has this issue.