[Android Remote] Does the church PC need WiFi?

I'm puzzled by the method of communication between the church PC and my phone. The church PC is connected to the church network via ethernet, and is also online to the internet, with all settings in EW7 set correctly and the phone connected to the church WiFi, but still neither item can detect the other. However, the PC does not have a WiFi adaptor, so I'm wondering if I will need to buy and install one in order for the Remote app to work. Can anybody help me? Thanks.

Thanks, I'll definitely give it a try.
One of our techs here at EW uses a wifi router without internet. It will work as long as both are on the same wifi network.
OK, so we have a slightly different issue than the original post. We are missionaries in Brazil. At home we have wifi and internet, but at the church location there is no internet. If I bring a portable router and connect my laptop as well as my phone to it will the Android Remote app work, or will the fact that the router has no internet interfere with the functionality of the app? I will probably test it out, but wondered if others have already tried this. I could create a hotspot for the laptop with my phone, but I doubt that would work.


The computer only needs to be on the same network. Also make sure you aren't using the guest wifi. Guest wifi can sometimes segment you off the network so you cannot access other computers. Also, you may need to uninstall bonjour from control panel/ programs and features and reinstall from the prompt that EasyWorship provides. The windows firewall could be blocking remote access. When EasyWorship 7 was first installed, you would have received a prompt from the firewall to allow it through the firewall. It may be blocking private network or public network or both. Lastly, make sure your computer isn't identifying the network as public instead of private. This can cause the firewall to be more sensitive and might block EW.