[v7 General Discussion] Videos crashing

Our service structure during covid has necessitated using a lot more user-submitted videos, and we're struggling to get them to work within Easy Worship. On many of our videos, they are freezing 10-15 seconds in, generally requiring a restart of Easyworship. The ones crash do so consistently at the same time markers. The error I receive is something like this:

Access violation at address 008128ef in module ‘Easyworship.exe.’ Read of address 00000000.

The address numbers will change, and in some cases I will receive 4-5 of these error messages on top of each other for the same video if I try to access the options menu or do anything other than close Easy Worship.

I have tried disabling the GPU shrink filter and I have the same experience.

Here are my specs: Win 10, i5-7500, 8gb ram, GTX1650 with 4gb ram. The graphics card is a new addition, just added in the hopes that it would solve the problem. We are now getting these error messages, where before, when using onboard graphics. it simply froze.

Two questions:

1) The basic one: any thoughts on things I can do to troubleshoot this?

2) If I can't get the videos to consistently work, is there a format that I should reformat these videos into to get consistent performance. Given these videos are user-contributions, I'm sure that some are coming in at 1080p and using H.264 codecs, which I understand strain Easyworship's resources. Some are mov and some are mp4, but I have seen this happen on both. While it's not ideal to have to reformat them, it's probably better for my tech team than having to run the videos independent of Easy Worship each week.

Thanks for any input or advice.


It might be worthwhile looking at the file size vs running time of the videos and see if it is the ones that have large files for the running time, i.e. the high resolution ones, that are causing the issues.
We are getting similar issues.

Seems to be from videos coming in from peoples phones - lots more in use now!

They're not always large file size or very long either - usually a minute or two at most.

And the error is not always the same - setup and testing prior to the service can be fine, but then once the service starts and you're half way through the video just glitches out and then EasyWorship crashes.

Could really use some help from the EasyWorship team here or we'll have to look at other software options.

You might try installing the new update from this link https://f002.backblazeb2.com/file/ewSoftware/EasyWorship-]New Build number
1080p h.264 should be absolutely NO problem for a computer with your specs. We regularly display properly endcoded 1080p H.264 and even H.265 videos with a much older i5 2500 and a 2 gig ATI HD 7870 with no issues.

I would check the videos with MediaInfo. It's a free Windows app that will show you all of the specs of a video or audio file. It's quite possible that the person who encoded the video used an excessively large bitrate that is causing the issue.


I would also try running one of the videos thru Handbrake to re-encode them. I would manually select an H.264 bitrate of 5 Mbps (put 5000 in the field) or so. Anything higher than that tends to be in the placebo range. I know my Pastor's cell phone defaults to 28 Mbps. That is fine as a starting point when I import it into a video editor, but I render the finished product down to a more reasonable 5 Mbps for the finished product.

Brian and James, It would be really helpful to know what version of EasyWorship you're running and the build number and also what version of windows you have.

Remember, this is a community forum. It is designed for users to help other users. If you want or need specific support from the EW tech support team on an issue that isn't being resolved by the community, I would highly encourage you to contact support either by email, support@easyworship.com, by creating a ticket, calling on the phone or starting a chat on the website. Although we do monitor the forums and do our best to reply and help out when there is an issue that isn't answered by the community, contacting support directly will be the best and fastest way to get the support you need.
Thanks to all for the input. There's a lot here to get me started.

Dan, I'm running and the current version of Windows 10 Home. Thanks for the reminder about opening a ticket. If I can't get things resolved through this thread, I will. I'm just always aware that it's highly likely there is something obvious I'm missing, so I appreciate the advice from casting the net wide.

I will check on the video settings of the ones that we're getting. The video length we're struggling with isn't long, but yes many that are being submitted are from phones, and often specifically iphones, so there may be something in the default record settings of Apple. We are "bilingual" in the church office, so if I ultimately need to convert videos on the mac side before porting them to the PC, I can.

Thanks for everyone's input!
So the build linked above allowed me to play the videos that were crashing last week, so that may have solved the problem. I've also downloaded the media analyzer linked above and am prepared to use handbrake this week if needed. Thanks for those settings to know what to encode them to.

There is progress. Thanks...
Thanks everyone. I'll try the new build and see how that goes.

Will also look at the MediaInfo program and Handbrake that has been suggested.

I guess it makes sense if people are recording on iPhones which are taking 4K video they just might be too big for the system to cope.

Thanks everyone. I'll try the new build and see how that goes.

Will also look at the MediaInfo program and Handbrake that has been suggested.

I guess it makes sense if people are recording on iPhones which are taking 4K video they just might be too big for the system to cope.

Not knowing your hardware specs we have no way of knowing if this will correct your issues. It's quite possible that your hardware (graphics card or cpu) is causing your issues.