[v7 General Discussion] Automatically utilizing a Refrain/Chorus slide

I am surprised that you don't have a way to program a song so that we can auto advance to a refrain/chorus without having to add the rafrain/chorus after each verse. Like for a regular hymn, I have 3 verses and a single refrain. It'd be GREAT if there was a way to make the single refrain slide automatically re-display after each verse (without having to retype the whole refrain in a new slide every time).

Something to think about in a future update. This has been around in other software solutions for a while.

I've never had to re-type a refrain. I just duplicate the slide as many times as it's needed and move each of them to the appropriate spot. Simple enough and only takes a few seconds.
I agree with Rvadon.

The trick is to go into slide view of the songs, then duplicating a chorus is dead easy.