[v7 General Discussion] Live Camera Feed

Has anyone used a Blackmagic Atem Mini video switcher as a live video feed? I'm looking to stream 1080p30 live video as a motion background.

Bill Bradbury

We've done this the other way round.

Apologies if I'm talking to someone who knows more than I do, but we have fed the output from the PC with EW into a Roland V-1HD switcher which also takes inputs from our 2 cameras and an HDMI input which is switchable between a DVD player, a laptop brought by the speaker or even a mobile phone.

One advantage of this arrangement is much less delay in the camera feed, it has gone from being so annoying as to be unusable for showing the speaker on screen to having a delay which is noticeable but acceptable.
We've done this the other way round.
We have not used this device as an input but regularly pick up an NDI feed from the output of vMix into EW. I have in the past used many different types of cameras for input into EW as a feed. Interlaced cameras are not so good as EW does not seem to deinterlace the signal.

If that device gives a good progressive output into EW, I see no reason why it also would not work OK.
We have not. You might try the EasyWorship Face book group and see if anyone on there has used it.