[v7 General Discussion] NDI Feed from iPhone

In order to do some Livestreaming as our church is likely to meet less often with the Coronavirus I am trying to set up my iPhone using the NDI app to be a feed into EasyWorship. I can see the Input Device OK but then get a screen on the feed saying 'To access the NDI stream please upgrade the receiver software to a version using the NDI4 SDX or better.'

I've updated Easyworship to the latest version.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?



Here is a post about using NDI from Dan. See if it will help you. If not let me know.


Unfortunately this doesn't help. I purchased the NDI app recommended on that post at £19.99 and that gave the error message in EasyWorship. I have since also purchased the NDICam IOS app which has solved the problem and this was another £9.99.

It seems that there is something within EasyWorship that won't work with the NDIHXCamera app, or some additional driver etc. that is needed?

One of the recent updates to NDI was V4 sources not being backwards compatible with V3 receivers.

The iPhone App has evidently been updated to send NDI V4, but EasyWorship is still using the old NDI V3 SDK.

If you download NDI Tools and run Studio Monitor should be able to view the source correctly as that's been updated to V4.

The other iPhone app will be working fine as that still sends NDI V3. Make sure you hold off on any updates they push out to it incase that updates to NDI V4.

Otherwise you need to wait for EasyWorship to update and use the NDI V4 SDK, or try and update the DLLs manually used by EasyWorship in [i]C:\Program Files (x86)\Softouch\Easyworship 7\NDI\x86[/i]
Same issue here. I have an iphone 11pro so it seems to be fixed to 4K output which easyworship doesn't seem to allow. Can I have a quick update on this before I like Sandy try to buy the other version of NDI app he recommends. Just out of interest Sandy what model iphone are you using?
The current incompatibility between the two is due to the new NDI v4 standard that Newtek released this past fall. Unfortunately, their iOS app dropped support for older versions of NDI when they implemented NDI v4 on the app. We are working on a solution to this and will let you know as soon as we have an update.