[v7 General Discussion] Problem with HEVC H/X.265 Video Playback

I built a new computer in December (gotta love the Black Friday and Christmas deals) and it is working fine overall. Initially EW 7 was working just fine. Recently it has developed a problem with H/X.265 HEVC video playback. The thumbnails show up just fine and the audio plays, but there is no video output to any screens. I did install the DScaler for the DVD playback but no other third party codecs. H/X.265 HEVC videos play just fine on the affected computer with other video players like VLC and the Microsoft video player that is installed by default in Windows.

I tried several H/X.265 videos and they all exhibit the same behaviour. I tried all of those tested videos on several other computers with EW7 and they all play fine. None of those computers had anything but the DScaler installed either.

All of the systems are running 64bit Windows 10 Pro release 1909 with all updates thru February 2020 and the latest EW7 build. I tried a re-install of EW7 that didn't help.

EasyWorship do you have any ideas on what I should look into next? I'm not looking forward to doing a new install of Windows on the system. It isn't our Church projection system so it isn't a time sensitive issue. It's my personal rig that I use for testing and building schedules at home.

[b]Addendum 1:50 PM CST:[/b]

Here is the result from Video Codec Troubleshooting in the EW7 Help Menu


FILE - 3/12/2020 1:46:56 PM

Source - Regions Beyond.mp4 (LAV)

Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio Decoder

Video Mixing Renderer 9

Default DirectSound Device


DirectX Shrink Filter - Enabled

You are so welcome!
Think I got it straightened out. It seems to have started with the March 10th update (which I had installed early on the 9th). The updated March 12th update appears to have corrected the problem. At least I hope it stays fixed. Gonna wait a few days before updating the Church projections computers.

Thanks for replying Terry. I really appreciate it.
I have not seen this issue before. If you create a ticket we can trouble shoot this issue with you. I will need to get a video in that format so I can test it here.