[v7 General Discussion] Audio file graphic not showing in schedule

Im setting up a Christmas youth play. The play has several animal sounds within and i have created an audio file for each, such as chicken, cow, and sheep. The audio file works fine and has the sheep graphic within library is visible, however, when loading into schedule no assigned graphic icon.

The audio is transferred without the sheep graphic. I only have a black icon. Im working to hopefully display and use on Android tablet remote setup, however, the black icons are not easily visible on tablet.

You can create a ticket on our web site and we can help you trouble shoot this issue.
I have also wanted to show an image while I play an audio file.

The only way that I have found is to create a song with no text at all. You can then bring the song into your schedule and add the image and the audio to it.

Not quite the same as what you are trying but it may provide another route to the same result.