[v7 General Discussion] 16:10 Aspect Ratio on Projector Display

We are doing a new church plant and getting ready to buy projection screens and projectors. I've done some testing of image sizes and a 130" X 73" (150 diagonal) (16:9) will serve us well. (the song lyrics and scripture can be read by everyone in the rear seats in the auditorium). There will be two screens (one on each side of the platform) But.. the Pastor wants bigger screens for a more dramatic effect. He's fine with the width ( limited by the worship band in the middle) but wants the screens to be taller. The only way I can satisfy this would be to use a 16:10 ratio (130" X 81") (and get a business projectors which use 16:10 as there native resolution). Can EasyWorship be set to the is ratio? (and fill the screen completely)? Also, what happens when you play a video clip: will it revert to 16:9 or be stretch to 16:10?



I won't name the projectors we're looking at but here are the specs



Native Aspect Ratio:

16:10 (WUXGA)


6,000 Lumens

EasyWorship uses whatever resolution and aspect ratio the computer itself supports and uses. I would try to talk him out of going 16 x 10 though as it isn't that common and you'll find it a lot more difficult to find backgrounds and other media (especially video) in that aspect ratio. Videos will still play at their native aspect ratio with black bars at the top and bottom unless they are stretched (which looks terrible) making it difficult to use them as backgrounds. Visiting speakers, music groups, etc. will only have 16x9 media to display as will any purchased or provided media from outside sources.

The few times you would find it useful probably won't justify the additional cost, limitations, and aggravation of going 16x10 instead of 16x9.
Thanks for the reply!